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Tudor Replica Watches

The deep sea is often associated with shades of dark blue and black. Water absorbs all colors except red because it is at the extreme end of the spectrum.

Tudor Replica Watches was inspired to introduce its new Tudor Replica Watches in red by coloring the circular bezel with red sapphire. This is the first HM7 Tudor Replica Watches to be made in platinum. The rotating bezel features a red accent.

The construction of the new model is very similar to that of its predecessors in green, black,clone panerai watches and blue. The three-dimensional structure supports the automatic winding, the main hour display and the central flying 60-seconds tourbillon in front of the domed sapphire.

The numeral inserts have been redesigned in 3D titanium appliques. They are mounted directly on the engine, giving it a more skeletonized appearance. The watch has not needed much technical refinement since the debut of the Tudor Replica Watches in 2017. The use of titanium was more to benefit from its light weight, which allowed the mounting on rings to reduce pressure on the engine.

The tourbillon bridge, which is a unique shape, has been displaced from the red HM7 Tudor Replica Watches to the sapphire-crystal HM7 Tudor Replica Watches.

The base of the flying Tourbillon is surrounded by Ambient Glow Technology,Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica which Tudor Replica Watches incorporated. White Super-LumiNova was used for the numbers and indicators.

The watch is limited to 25 pieces and comes with three interchangeable rubber straps available in red, black, or white.


Move with ease

Hours and minutes; flying tourbillon 60 seconds; 72-hour reserve

Case Study

Water resistant up to 50m; 53.8mm x 21.13mm in Platinum 650


Aircraft-grade Rubber Strap in Three Colors - Red, Black, White; Platinum folding buckle