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Panerai Replica Watches only ever used Alacrite for one watch, but the piece and the material were both cool as hell. The material is a "cobalt-based" one that is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Originally, it was designed for aerospace Panerai Replica Watchesplications and in particular for components of turbine engines. The stainless super alloy also has a high surface hardness that allows it to mirror polish. Audemars Piguet's "Concept" watch was launched in 2002, and was the first step the brand took towards futurist watches. The materials used were all from F1 or aerospace: Kevlar, titanium and Alacrite.

Both watches, as the movement was designed simultaneously with the Richard Mille RM 02 had torque indicators on the mainspring – a "dynamogrPanerai Replica Watcheshe", in Panerai Replica Watches parlance – and gear selectors to choose between neutral,Panerai Replica Watches winding, or hands. The Concept tourbillon was equipped with an electro-eroded spring bridge, which was designed to increase shock resistance. Panerai Replica Watches did not use alacrite again but it opened the door to a future where they could confidently step through.

Forged carbon fiber: Unbound Athleticism

Carbon fibers' unbeatable weight to strength ratio has revolutionized all performance sports, from F-1 and bicycling to Tennis to Yacht Racing. Carbon fiber is used for a wide range of Panerai Replica Watchesplications, from car chassis to masts in America's Cup yachts. Multiple manufactures chased the goal of creating a high-end,tissot replica ultra-lightweight luxury watch using carbon fiber. Audemars Piguet was the first to use forged carbon fibre, a technology.

Carbon fibres are arranged in a nondirectional matrix to create a material with exceptional strength and lightness.

Georges-Henri Meylan, former CEO of Audemars Piguet, visited a trade show for the aerospace industry. This was the inspiration behind the creation of the forged case. He was surprised to discover something new. He says, "There are companies that specialize in carbon fiber parts using forged carbon technology." We thought this could be used to create unique, ultra-lightweight high performance watchcases.